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Teachers & Caregivers


When to use: 

  • For pre-school age children or older. 
  • If a child is struggling to sit still during seated activities because they are needing/seeking movement. Some children require movement during seated activities to help their brain and body focus. 


How to use: 

  • Be sure that the stool is at a height that the child is able to rest their feet comfortable on the ground. 
  • You may also want to consider setting boundaries and expectations for use of the chair (no spinning, helps us to stay at the table, keep at height, etc.) 
  • Be sure to allow time and opportunity to learn HOW to use the stool appropriately. It will be fun and exciting to begin with and the child may want to play and explore with it. Using it during more *fun* seated activities (such as an art project) may be most beneficial. As they become more used to using the stool, using it during more focused activities may be helpful. 


Helpful Hints: 

  • The stool is height adjustable.
  • Be sure to use only if your child has good posture and core stability.

Wobble Sitting Stool

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