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When to use: 

  • Weight and compression provide calming inputs.. Great for kids that are nervous/anxious/overstimulated.
  • A great option if your child is struggling to remain seated, slow their body during slower activities. Also a great option when a child struggles to understand where their body is in space (appears clumsy and lacks coordination). Children that often bump into peers or become aggressive with peers.


How to use:

  • Before use, talk about it with the child. “This is to wear to help your body slow down.” 
  • Allow the child to take off when they request it. Do NOT force use.



  • To be used with children 3 years of age and up 

  • Should be no more than 5-10% of body weight 

  • Weight should be evenly distributed 

  • Should wear for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time

  • If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to consult an occupational therapist 


Note: Research does not support weighted vests as an effective treatment for improving focus/attention, concentration and learning.



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Weighted Vest

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