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When to use: 

  • A great way to strengthen trunk/core and head/neck muscles. 
  • A great way to promote ability to be in different positions (tummy, back, sidelying and seated if 7+ months).


How to use: 

  • It is recommended that you provide support and education from a therapist prior to using with your child. Peanut balls are often used for therapeutic purposes. 
  • Requires FULL support and FULL attention for safety. Never leave a child unattended while using the peanut ball. 
  • With your full support, put your child on their tummy rolling the ball forward and backward (only far enough that the child does not lose their position on the ball). 
  • Stabilizing the ball between your knees, you can also try putting your child on their back. If 7+ months, and with full support you can also try placing on their side or seated. 


**Please note, this is not recommended for classroom use as it is difficult for a teacher to provide full attention to 1 child with multiple children in the room **

Peanut Ball

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