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When to use: 

  • A great way to provide input/feedback when a child is struggling to know where their body is in space. May be observed by rushing around, difficulties regulating.
  • Great for kids that are nervous/anxious/overstimulated.


How to use:

  • Before use, talk about it with the child. “This is kind of like a big sock for your body. You can move your body inside it. It helps your body feel slow.” 
  • The body sock should be tight on the body (so the child can reach arm and legs out to sides with resistance). It should not be so tight that they cannot stand up straight.
  • Help your child climb into the body sock. Help them to snap it up. Allow them to decide how and how long it is worn. Never force use.
  • Often used during large group play times or movement times.



  • Should be used with adult supervision. 
  • Child should be able to get in/out on their own.
  • If child wants their head in the body sock be sure to remove all barriers/obstacles and they should be under DIRECT supervision. This should not be done if a child has respiratory disorder. 
  • If the child demonstrates any distress, remove immediately.

Body Socks

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