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Our Giving Back to the Community event for August is going to be a special one. 

At the Cultivate Mankato Carnival on Thursday, August 26, we will be doing a DUNK THE STAFF fundraiser for 9 year-old Fritz Urban and his family. $10 per ball for a chance to dunk your favorite Cultivate Mankato team member! Check out our participating team members below.


Cultivate families will carry out the pledges by throwing the balls at the carnival.

The Urban Family’s story could be any of our stories.
From Fritz and the Uninvited Guest: "Fritz was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. He has a large tumor in his mandible that his parents originally mistook for a severely abscessed tooth. He is getting medical care from Mayo Clinic in Rochester and is charming the oncology and surgical departments already.His treatment will involve 14-17 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and there will also be an extremely intense surgery to remove the tumor (about the size of an egg) along with a good amount of his mandible, which will be rebuilt using bone from his leg. His chemo will be delivered in-patient in Rochester, so we will be getting to know this world renowned medical resource that is just down the road from our home. We are very fortunate."

Cultivate Mankato Participating Team Members:

Candice Deal-Bartell-1.jpg

Candice Deal Bartell

Anissa Sandland.jpg

Anissa Sandland

Becky Fichter.jpg

Becky Fichter

Abbey Weilage-1.jpg

Abbey Weilage

Payton Merritt.jpg

Payton Merritt

IMG_2355_copy (1).jpg

Kaylee Eccles

IMG_0806 2.jpg

Marsha Murphy

Brianna White.jpg

Bri Greger

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