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The organic hotdogs we serve are from Larry Schultz Organic Farm located in Owatonna MN.


Larry Schultz Organic Farm has been supplying free-range, cage-free, certified organic eggs, chickens, and turkeys for more than fifteen years. The family farm is a 3rd and 4th generation farm and has never been farmed conventionally with herbicides, insecticides, or artificial fertilizers. For more information about Larry Schultz Organic Farm visit:

We also provide high quality substitutes for children with allergies. 

Cultivate Mankato prepares and serves our own food. Preparing and serving our own food allows us to provide fresh and organic produce. Supporting local and community based organizations has been an important part of growing Cultivate and will continue to be as we move forward. In order to ensure that we are providing children with quality grains rather than prepackaged and sugary grains, we have partnered with River Rock Bakery (the delicious coffee shop in St. Peter and Mankato) to provide muffins, rolls, and their beloved Midwest Multigrain and sourdough breads.

River Rock Bakery breads & muffins:


Rolls: Made with organic flours from a local farmer, Ben Penner.

Muffins: Made with an organic flour from up in the twin cities, Bakersfield. They are doing fantastic work with local farmers and mill the flour at their location in NE Minneapolis. We have many flavors  -- Organic Apple Spice, Organic Blueberry, Organic Zucchini, Organic Peach, Organic Raspberry and Organic Cinnamon Raisin (organic fruit, organic allspice, organic clove, organic cinnamon and organic nutmeg). All the fruit that we use is organic and we try to source it from local farmers whenever possible.

Midwest Multigrain: This is the beloved sandwich bread. It starts by soaking the following overnight: organic oats, organic cornmeal, organic millet, organic sunflower seeds, organic wheat bran, organic flax, organic molasses and local honey. The next day it is all mixed with organic bread flour, local organic whole wheat flour, organic brown sugar, yeast and kosher salt. It is one of the most popular breads and is enjoyed by both kids and adults!



Yogurt Parfait

Muffin & Applesauce

Cereal & Bananas

Pancakes & Blueberries

Yogurt Cup & Graham Crackers

Oatmeal & Craisins



Focaccia Bread, Cheese Cubes, Cucumbers & Kiwi

Jasmine Rice, Peas & Cutie Oranges

Salami, Cheese, Whole Grain Wrap, Corn & Pineapple


Turkey, Cheese, Sweet Peppers, Multigrain Bread & Strawberries



Pretzels with Hummus

Graham Crackers & Cutie Oranges

Blue Chips with Salsa

Ritz Crackers & Cheese

Veggie Straws & Cheese Stick

Energy Balls & Apple Slices

Becky Fichter

Kitchen & Food Coordinator

Hello!  My name is Becky Fichter and I am the Kitchen & Food Coordinator for Cultivate Mankato.  I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  In my free time I enjoy reading, listening to music, country drives, nature walks, and most of all spending time with my grandkids.


When I joined the Cultivate Mankato Team Sept 9, 2019 I had no idea this would become the best experience for me.  I am excited to be part of this organization and will strive to ensure that the children in our care get the nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong. 

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