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Retain and Recruit Employees

The Cultivating Connections Program is a way for businesses to help employees secure high quality child care services. This is a low-risk membership program that provides tremendous value to employees and employers. By becoming a member of the Cultivating Connections Program, you can reserve child care seats for your employees, allowing you to retain employees, bring in new talent, and lower the stress of employees looking for child care. 

Membership Benefits

As a member of Cultivating Connections, you get to provide an amazing solution to your employees, but you will also get the following:

  • High quality child care options for your employees

  • Discounted weekly child care rates for employees

  • Discounts at local restaurants, gyms, chiropractors, etc. that your entire organization can use

  • Free access to Cultivate Mankato’s Celebration Room

  • Access to in-home care options for employees with sick children

  • Option to participate in parent/community appreciation nights

Membership Cost

We can work with your organization to decide which membership tier is the best option for you. Membership levels are structured offer a low-cost, high value benefit to your employees. Membership dues are annual:

  • 1 Child Care Seat = $1,000 

  • 5 Child Care Seats = $4,000 

  • 10 Child Care Seats = $7,000 

  • 15 Child Care Seats =$10,000 

  • 20 Child Care Seats = $13,000 

  • 25 Child Care Seats = $15,000